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Sensory Strong

Inclusive Fitness Services | ALL Abilities

Sensory Strong

Inclusive Fitness Services | ALL Abilities




what we do

one-on-one personal training


These sessions give me the chance to get to know the specific needs of each client in order to best address both their fitness and sensory needs.  Based on client goals and preferences, these may include obstacle courses, sports drills, basic martial arts concepts, and/or races.

small group training


These sessions allow clients to work together with peers to address fitness goals and sensory needs while incorporating socialization.  Depending on the dynamic of the small group, these will include partner exercises, relay races, group activities and circuits.

nutrition coaching


Nutrition.  The elephant in the room.  While it can be daunting to even discuss this, I promise I get it.  We can review habits and see where we can make small, realistic changes.

caregiver fitness


All too often, caregivers put themselves last.  Self-care goes to the bottom of the priority list.  I provide in-person & online fitness options for caregivers.  It's tough to fit it in.  But you're worth it.  Take the best care of yourself so you can take the best care of your loved one(s).  

educational workshops


I'm proud to offer seminars and workshops to educators, parents, families, and self-advocates.  These informative events provide hands-on opportunities to learn how to use exercise and movement to maximize wellness for those with diverse needs.  

sensory adventures hike club


Sensory Adventures is a hiking club for all Sensory Strong clients and their families.  We meet one Saturday a month to get out to move (and be still) in nature. Join us as we live out loud and find our peace!   

start with why

My son | My SENSORY ADVENTUREr | my why


Here is my "why".  My son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder in 2016 (age 3) and autism in 2017 (age 4).  Having been a personal trainer for 13 years, I was honored to have the opportunity to use my skill set to help my son.  With guidance from his occupational therapist, the improvements I've been able to help him make in areas of core stability & strength, balance, motor planning, coordination and grip strength have easily been among my most rewarding accomplishments as a personal trainer.

The smiles, laughs, high fives and hugs we've shared during these sessions are among my favorite memories as his mom.



I am fully committed to helping other families live their best lives by adding exercise, music and movement.  Adding movement increases regulation, overall wellness, confidence, self-esteem and self efficacy.  

Together we will start from where you are, determine realistic goals & strategies to get and stay motivated, and work together to achieve those goals.  

The more knowledge you gain, the more empowered you will feel to integrate movement into your lives between our sessions together.  


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