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The mission of Sensory Strong is to use exercise and movement to empower those with autism, ADHD, SPD and other neurological differences to live their best lives.

Hi!  I'm Jenn and I'm the founder / owner of Sensory Strong LLC.  This company is the glorious culmination of some remarkable events and circumstances of the past 20 years. 

I've been working with individuals to achieve their fitness and wellness goals since 1999.  

In 2013, my son was born and my life just felt complete.  By his second birthday, it was clear that he was developing differently from the way the majority of his peers were. In 2016, he was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, a clinical diagnosis.  In 2017, an evaluation confirmed he is on the autism spectrum.  Sometimes the world is too loud, too overwhelming and just too much for my sweet guy.

He had some specific physical delays and deficits. With guidance from his occupational therapist, the improvements I've been able to help my son make in areas of core stability / strength, balance, motor planning & coordination and grip strength have easily been among my most rewarding accomplishments as a personal trainer.

The smiles, laughs, high fives and hugs we've shared during these sessions are among my favorite memories as his mom.

Throughout my fitness career, I've worked with a vast array of clients.  It’s been so rewarding to help clients restore abilities that have been compromised due to trauma, illness or condition.  And it's been so inspiring to meet their warrior family members.

As a parent to a child with special needs, it's been natural to do all that's entailed in helping him thrive.  It takes a more conscious effort to remind myself to take the same level of care of myself - my entire self - mind/body/spirit.  It's taken a few tough reminders, but I now know that in order to take the best care of my son, I first need to take the best care of myself.

I'm fully committed to and look forward to helping you and your family take the best care of your whole selves as well.


about Jenn, owner & head trainer


Jenn's STORY

Jenn has been in the fitness industry since 1999 and has been a certified personal trainer since 2006.  With years of experience working with clients of all ages & abilities including seniors, youth, new moms and first responders, Jenn found that her true passion lies in providing inclusive fitness services for the neurodiverse community.

·  Bachelor of Arts – Sociology  / Certificate: Gerontology - Older Adult Wellness

·  Certified Personal Trainer: American Council on Exercise

·  Therapeutic Exercise Specialist: American Council on Exercise

·  Autism Exercise Specialist: American College of Sports Medicine (in progress)

·  Registered Behavior Technician: Behavior Analyst Certification Board (in progress)

·  Corrective Exercise Specialist: National Academy of Sports Medicine

·  Youth Training Specialist: American Council on Exercise

·  Senior Training Specialist: American Council on Exercise

·  Certified Group Fitness Instructor: American Council on Exercise

·  Certified Food Coach:  Balanced Habits

·  Fitness Nutrition Specialist: American Council on Exercise

·  Certified Pre- & Postnatal Fitness Educator: International Childbirth Education Association

·  Certified Level 1 Kettlebell Trainer: International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation

·  Certified Level 2 Trainer: Heart Zones

·  Certified CPR / First Aid / AED: American Heart Association

·  1st Degree (Dan) Black Belt in Taekwondo: World Taekwondo Federation

·  Former Firefighter: Evergreen Fire Rescue

·  Special Needs Mama Bear!  

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