frequently asked questions


Why should we add exercise to our already packed schedule?

Exercise is a proven way to help us get and stay regulated.  In addition to the physical benefits (strength, coordination, balance, etc) exercise and movement greatly improve confidence, mood and brain function.  

My child hates to exercise. are you willing to work with her/him?

Absolutely!  I first see every client as the amazing person he/she is.  I will take the time needed to get to know each client, their likes, hobbies, etc. I understand that trust and rapport take time.  Once the trust is there, clients tend to be more willing to try new things.  

I need fitness services but i can't afford it. do i have options?

Yes!  I'm excited to have partnered with Developmental Pathways (Arapahoe & Douglas Counties) and Rocky Mountain Human Services (City & County of Denver).  Other Community Centered Boards may reimburse you as well.  RMHS Families: Contact your service coordinator.  Developmental Pathways families enrolled in Community Outreach / FSSP: Contact me or Nicki Swafford at to get started.  I also provide some scholarships.  I know how important these services are so let's figure out a way to get you access to them!

where do you provide fitness services?

Fitness sessions can take place in your home, at a park, or at Vitality Training Studio by Southwest Plaza in Littleton.